Pulmonology Pulmonology
Issue number 1
January 2015
Vol. 21. Num. 1.
Pages 1-50
Lung transplantation in Portugal
J. Fragata
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:1-2
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The future of lung transplantation
J.M. Borro
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:3-4
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Original articles
Bronchiectasis: A retrospective study of clinical and aetiological investigation in a general respiratory department
A. Amorim, J. Bento, A.P. Vaz, I. Gomes, J. de Gracia, V. Hespanhol, A. Marques
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:5-10
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The overall impact of COPD (CAT) and BODE index on COPD male patients: correlation?
I. Ladeira, T. Gomes, A. Castro, C. Ribeiro, M. Guimarães, N. Taveira
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:11-5
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Long-term ventilation in children: Ten years later
C. Cancelinha, N. Madureira, P. Mação, P. Pleno, T. Silva, M.H. Estêvão, M. Félix
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:16-21
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Exploratory study comparing dysautonomia between asthmatic and non-asthmatic elite swimmers
M. Couto, D. Silva, P. Santos, S. Queirós, L. Delgado, A. Moreira
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:22-9
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Melatonin attenuates lung injury in a hind limb ischemia–reperfusion rat model
Hamed Takhtfooladi, Mohammad Takhtfooladi, Fariborz Moayer, Sayed Mobarakeh
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:30-5
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Postoperative surgical complications after lung transplantation
M. de la Torre, R. Fernández, E. Fieira, D. González, M. Delgado, L. Méndez, J.M. Borro
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:36-40
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Case reports
Idiopathic pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis: A rare but increasingly recognized entity
M.T. Redondo, N. Melo, P.C. Mota, J.M. Jesus, C.S. Moura, S. Guimarães, A. Morais
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:41-4
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Letter to the Editor
Drug related toxicity in lung transplant recipients
M. van Zeller, C. Damas
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:45
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Solitary endobronchial papilloma: A case report
A.T. Castro, L. Carvalho, S. Freitas
Rev Port Pneumol 2015;21:49-50
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