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COPD phenotypes by computed tomography and ventilatory response to exercise
S. Rodrigues Sousa, J. Nunes Caldeira, C. Rodrigues
Open access
Available online 2 February 2022
Exercise capacity, lung and respiratory muscle function in substance use disorders
R. Mustafaoglu, A. Gorek Dilektaslı, R. Demir, E. Zirek, T. Birinci, E. Kaya Mutlu, C. Evren, A. Razak Ozdincler
Open access
Available online 1 February 2022
Multidisciplinary virtual management of pulmonary nodules
D. Polanco, J. González, E. Gracia-Lavedan, L. Pinilla, R. Plana, M. Molina, M. Pardina, F. Barbé
Open access
Available online 1 February 2022
Differences between FEV6, FVC and VC at the diagnosis of obstructive ventilatory defect
C.S. Sousa, D.B. Coelho, P. Amorim, P. Viana, N. Cruz-Martins, M. Drummond
Open access
Available online 3 January 2022
Feasibility and efficacy of a multidisciplinary palliative approach in patients with advanced interstitial lung disease. A pilot randomised controlled trial
I. Bassi, A. Guerrieri, M. Carpano, A. Gardini, I. Prediletto, M. Polastri, J. Randall Curtis, S. Nava
Open access
Available online 29 December 2021
Severity of precapillary pulmonary hypertension: Predictive factor
João Adriano de Barros, Giulia Sant’Ana, Guilherme Martins, Larissa Madlum, Cleidimara Scremim, Ricardo Petterle, Dante Escuissato, Emilton Lima
Open access
Available online 29 December 2021
Utility of solar-powered oxygen delivery in a resource-constrained setting
Nicholas Conradi, Kasereka Masumbuko Claude, Bonita E. Lee, Abdullah Saleh, Piushkumar Mandhane, Michael Hawkes
Open access
Available online 21 December 2021
Obstructive sleep apnea: A categorical cluster analysis and visualization
Daniela Ferreira-Santos, Pedro Pereira Rodrigues
Open access
Available online 18 November 2021
Stratifying risk outcomes among adult COVID-19 inpatients with high flow oxygen: The R4 score
G.M. Aguirre-García, D. Ramonfaur, G. Torre-Amione, M.T. Ramírez-Elizondo, R. Lara-Medrano, J.F. Moreno-Hoyos, E.S. Velázquez-Ávila, C.A. Diaz-Garza, V.M. Sanchez-Nava, F. Castilleja-Leal, G.M. Rhoades, M.F. Martínez-Reséndez
Open access
Available online 1 November 2021
Association of the methionine sulfoxide reductase A rs10903323 gene polymorphism with functional activity and oxidative modification of alpha-1-antitrypsin in COPD patients
V. Milovanovic, A. Topic, N. Milinkovic, Z. Lazic, A. Ivosevic, D. Radojkovic, A. Divac Rankov
Open access
Available online 19 October 2021

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