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Assisted mobilisation in critical patients with COVID-19
M. Polastri, F. Daniele, F. Tagariello
Open access
Open Article
Available online 11 February 2021
Efficacy of Radial Endobronchial Ultrasound (R-EBUS) guided transbronchial cryobiopsy for peripheral pulmonary lesions (PPL’s): A systematic review and meta-analysis
P.B. Sryma, S. Mittal, N.K. Madan, P. Tiwari, V. Hadda, A. Mohan, R. Guleria
Open access
Available online 11 January 2021
Dynamic hyperinflation, chronotropic intolerance and abnormal heart rate recovery in non-severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients-reflections in the mirror
R.V. Cherneva, V.M. Youroukova, Zh.Vl. Cherneva
Open access
Available online 6 January 2021
Latent tuberculosis infection prevalence in second generation immigrants from high to low TB burden countries
D. Shlomi, I. Galor, A. More, B. Oberman, L. Fireman
Open access
Available online 4 January 2021
Influence of inhalation device, active substance, and drug formulation on the compliance of patients with obstructive pulmonary diseases. A physicians’ perspective
Stavros G. Theodorakis, George Kolios, Vasilios Tzilas, Demosthenes Bouros
Open access
Available online 31 December 2020
Portuguese adaptation of the S3-non-invasive ventilation (S3-NIV) questionnaire for home mechanically ventilated patients
C. Ribeiro, S. Conde, P. Oliveira, C. Nogueira, D. Ferreira, D. Adler, W. Windisch, R. Nunes
Open access
Available online 31 December 2020
A study of the psychometric properties of the Brazilian–Portuguese version of Bronchiectasis Health Questionnaire
A. Luppo, C.O. de Camargo, S.S. Birring, A.C. Lunardi, S.Z. Rached, R.A. Athanazio, R. Stelmach, S.D. Corso
Open access
Available online 30 December 2020
Telomere length across different UIP fibrotic-Interstitial Lung Diseases: a prospective Greek case-control study
I. Tomos, A. Karakatsani, E.D. Manali, C. Kottaridi, A. Spathis, S. Argentos, S.A. Papiris
Open access
Available online 24 December 2020
Clinical profile and microbiological aetiology diagnosis in adult patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia
M.I. Costa, A. Cipriano, F.V. Santos, S.R. Valdoleiros, I. Furtado, A. Machado, M. Abreu, H.N. Bastos
Open access
Available online 22 December 2020
Respiratory medicine curriculum in Portuguese family medicine training: A Delphi study
P.M. Teixeira, F. Lemos, J. Yaphe, L. Alves, J.C. de Sousa
Open access
Available online 7 December 2020

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