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The Legend score synthesizes Wells, PERC, Geneva, D-dimer and predicts acute pulmonary embolism prior to imaging tests
Yunfeng Zhao, Yi Cheng, Hongwei Wang, He Du, Jinyuan Sun, Mei Xu, Yong Luo, Song Liu, ... Wei Xiong
Full text access
Available online 13 November 2023
Transbronchial lung cryobiopsy for peripheral pulmonary lesions. A narrative review
Y. Tang, S. Tian, H. Chen, X. Li, X. Pu, X. Zhang, Y. Zheng, Y. Li, ... C. Bai
Full text access
Available online 31 October 2023
Association of mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with all-cause mortality: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Weifeng Zou, Jie Ou, Fan Wu, Huanuan Fan, Yuyan Hou, Haiqing Li, Zhishan Deng, Shuling Liu, ... Pixin Ran
Full text access
Available online 30 October 2023
Helmet continuous positive airway pressure for patients’ transport using a single oxygen cylinder: A bench study
N. Capsoni, F. Zadek, D. Privitera, G. Parravicini, G.V. Zoccali, F. Galbiati, M. Bombelli, R. Fumagalli, T. Langer
Full text access
Available online 30 October 2023
Smoking exposure trajectories and pulmonary function in early adulthood in a Brazilian cohort
P. Weber, A.M.B. Menezes, H. Gonçalves, P.D. de Oliveira, A. Wendt, R. Perez-Padilla, F.C. Wehrmeister
Full text access
Available online 30 October 2023
Smoking-attributable mortality in Portugal and its regions in 2019
J. Rey-Brandariz, S. Ravara, E. López-Vizcaíno, M.I. Santiago-Pérez, A. Ruano-Ravina, C. Candal-Pedreira, L. Varela-Lema, N. Mourino, ... M. Pérez-Ríos
Full text access
Available online 30 October 2023
Bronchiectasis as long-term complication of acute fire smoke inhalation?
S. Rizzato, M. Tacconi, D. Andrisani, F. Luppi, E. Clini, S. Cerri
Full text access
Available online 9 October 2023
Pulmonary capillary hemangiomatosis/veno-occlusive disease diagnosed by transbronchial cryobiopsy
Venerino Poletti, Davide Femia, Simone Petrarulo, Alessandro Marinelli, Claudia Ravaglia, Sara Piciucchi
Full text access
Available online 9 October 2023
Use of automatic 6-minute walking test recording system in patients with chronic respiratory diseases
R. Torres-Castro, H. Pascual, A. Alonso, E. Gimeno-Santos, M. Palomo, J.A. Barberà, J. Bigorra, J. Batlle, ... I. Blanco
Full text access
Available online 2 October 2023
Lung cancer and breast metastasis: A rare and atypical presentation
H. Guedes, A. Barroso, D. João, A. Furtado, T. Costa
Full text access
Available online 26 September 2023

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