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Late onset pulmonary vein stump thrombus seven years after left upper lobectomy
L. Gorospe, O. Ajuria-Illarramendi, G.M. Muñoz-Molina, R.M. Mirambeaux-Villalona
Open access
Available online 16 June 2022
Clinical and radiological improvement of protracted COVID-19 and Good syndrome secondary to advanced thymoma
Milena Tenorio Cerezoli, João Antônio Gonçalves Garreta Prats, Augusto Kreling Medeiros, Diego Vinícius Gonçalves Santana, Felipe Marques da Costa, Ulysses S. Torres, W.N. William Jr.
Open access
Available online 15 June 2022
Impact of acute exacerbations of COPD on patients' health status beyond pulmonary function: A scoping review
A. Machado, M. Barusso, J. De Brandt, K. Quadflieg, S. Haesevoets, M. Daenen, M. Thomeer, D. Ruttens, A. Marques, C. Burtin
Open access
Available online 15 June 2022
Infections in lung transplanted patients: A review
M. Dettori, N. Riccardi, D. Canetti, R.M. Antonello, A.F. Piana, A. Palmieri, P. Castiglia, A.A. Azara, M.D. Masia, A. Porcu, G.C. Ginesu, M.L. Cossu, M. Conti, P. Pirina, A. Fois, I. Maida, G. Madeddu, S. Babudieri, L. Saderi, G. Sotgiu
Open access
Available online 15 June 2022
Spontaneous elimination of a bronchial mucoid pseudotumor – A curious but pleasant surprise
P.P. Teixeira e Silva Torres, M. Fouad Rabahi, E. Marchiori
Open access
Available online 15 June 2022
Teleconsultation in respiratory medicine – A position paper of the Portuguese Pulmonology Society
A. Morais, A. Bugalho, M. Drummond, A.J. Ferreira, A.S. Oliveira, S. Sousa, J.C. Winck, J. Cardoso
Open access
Available online 13 June 2022
Indoor environmental quality—Take me where the air is clean
M. Polastri, E. Pehlivan
Open access
Available online 12 June 2022
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on in-hospital diagnosis of tuberculosis in non-HIV patients
M. Martins, L. Carvalho, T. Carvalho, I. Gomes
Open access
Available online 11 June 2022
Phenotyping exercise limitation of patients with Interstitial Fibrosing Lung Disease: the importance of exercise hemodynamics
E. Panagiotidou, A. Βoutou, E. Fouka, D. Papakosta, E. Chatzopoulos, E. Sourla, A. Markopoulou, I. Kioumis, I. Stanopoulos, G. Pitsiou
Open access
Available online 12 May 2022
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis mortality in the Italian epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic
P. Faverio, S. Conti, F. Madotto, G. Franco, E. Renzoni, L.G. Mantovani, F. Luppi
Open access
Available online 2 May 2022

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