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The misunderstood link between SARS-CoV-2 and angiogenesis. A narrative review
G. Madureira, R. Soares
Open access
Available online 29 September 2021
Decline of tuberculosis notification rate in different populations and regions in Portugal, 2010–2017
A. Sentís, A. Prats-Uribe, V.R. Peixoto, J.A. Caylà, M.D. Gomes, S. Sousa, R. Duarte, I. Carvalho, C. Carvalho
Open access
Available online 18 September 2021
High-flow oxygen therapy in palliative care: A reality in a near future?
JC Duarte, O Santos, C Lousada, P Reis-Pina
Open access
Available online 16 September 2021
A pilot study on the use of the super dimension navigation system for optimal cryobiopsy location in interstitial lung disease diagnostics
S. Kronborg-White, E. Bendstrup, L. Gori, V. Luzzi, L.B. Madsen, V. Poletti, T.R. Rasmussen, M. Trigiani, S. Vezzosi, S. Tomassetti
Open access
Available online 13 September 2021
Crustacean renmants as a bronchial foreign body
E. Solís García, B. de Vega Sánchez, C. Disdier Vicente
Open access
Available online 13 September 2021
SARS-CoV-2 as a trigger of eosinophilic pneumonia
M. Araújo, S. Correia, A.L. Lima, M. Costa, I. Neves
Open access
Available online 31 August 2021
Effect of a viral filter on cardiopulmonary exercise testing
M. Sá Marques, A. Fonseca, R. Lima, I. Ladeira, J. Gomes, M. Guimarães
Open access
Available online 24 August 2021
Encephalitis in non-small-cell lung cancer
M. Costa e Silva, E. Silva, A. Mendes, A. Barroso
Open access
Available online 22 August 2021
First clinical evaluation of the QIAreachTM QuantiFERON-TB for tuberculosis infection and active pulmonary disease
K. Fukushima, K. Akagi, A. Kondo, T. Kubo, N. Sakamoto, H. Mukae
Open access
Available online 4 August 2021
Effectiveness and safety of a new helmet CPAP configuration allowing tidal volume monitoring in patients with COVID-19
C. Chiappero, G. Misseri, A. Mattei, M. Ippolito, C. Albera, E. Pivetta, A. Cortegiani, C. Gregoretti
Open access
Available online 27 July 2021

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