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Tuberculosis and risk of Parkinson's disease: A nationwide cohort study
J.E. Yoo, H. Choi, K. Han, S.H. Park, J. Park, H. Lee, D.W. Shin
Open access
Available online 4 December 2022
Identification by cluster analysis of patients with asthma and nasal symptoms using the MASK-air® mHealth app
J. Bousquet, B. Sousa-Pinto, J.M. Anto, R. Amaral, L. Brussino, G.W. Canonica, A.A. Cruz, B. Gemicioglu, T. Haahtela, M. Kupczyk, V. Kvedariene, D.E. Larenas-Linnemann, R. Louis, N. Pham-Thi, F. Puggioni, F.S. Regateiro, J. Romantowski, J. Sastre, N. Scichilone, L. Taborda-Barata, M.T. Ventura, I. Agache, A. Bedbrook, K.C. Bergmann, S. Bosnic-Anticevich, M. Bonini, L.-P. Boulet, G. Brusselle, R. Buhl, L. Cecchi, D. Charpin, C. Chaves-Loureiro, W. Czarlewski, F. de Blay, P. Devillier, G. Joos, M. Jutel, L. Klimek, P. Kuna, D. Laune, J.L. Pech, M. Makela, M. Morais-Almeida, R. Nadif, M. Niedoszytko, K. Ohta, N.G. Papadopoulos, A. Papi, D.R. Yeverino, N. Roche, A. Sá-Sousa, B. Samolinski, M.H. Shamji, A. Sheikh, C. Suppli Ulrik, O.S. Usmani, A. Valiulis, O. Vandenplas, A. Yorgancioglu, T. Zuberbier, J.A. Fonseca
Open access
Available online 23 November 2022
Durability of COVID-19 vaccine induced T-cell mediated immune responses measured using the QuantiFERON SARS-CoV-2 assay
F. Stieber, N. Allen, K. Carpenter, P. Hu, R. Alagna, S. Rao, D. Manissero, J. Howard, V. Nikolayevskyy
Open access
Available online 17 November 2022
Ultrasound-guided needle aspiration biopsy of isolated anterior mediastinal masses
M. Viscuso, V. Livi, A. Cancellieri, D. Paioli, D. Magnini, F. Leoncini, L. Richeldi, R. Trisolini
Open access
Available online 11 November 2022
Benign metastasizing leiomyoma presenting as multiple pulmonary nodules: A radiological-pathological correlation
M. Conde, A.S. Costa, T. Gomes
Open access
Available online 10 November 2022
The benefit of macrolide therapy in patients with pneumococcal pneumonia is only present in patients with bacteremia
J. Gonçalves-Pereira, L. Costa, I. Silva, A. Simões, F. Froes, P. Mergulhão, P. Varela Ramos, D. Leal, R. Alves, M. Custódio, A. Gomes
Open access
Available online 2 November 2022
Learning with the COVID-19 pandemic mistakes: Facing the progression of the first cases of Monkeypox in Brazil. Authors' reply
M.N. Boschiero, C.V.C. Palamim, F.A.L. Marson
Open access
Available online 1 November 2022
Coinfection of pulmonary nocardiosis and nontuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease in patients without known immunodeficiency
X. Sun, W. Liu, L. Liu, H. Sun
Open access
Available online 28 October 2022
Complete bronchial rupture due to blunt chest trauma
Á. Fuentes-Martín, C. Disdier Vicente, Á. Cilleruelo-Ramos
Open access
Available online 27 October 2022
Synonymous mutations in TLR2 and TLR9 genes decrease COPD susceptibility in the Chinese Han population
X. Ding, Q. Lin, J. Zhao, Y. Fu, Y. Zheng, R. Mo, L. Zhang, B. Zhang, J. Chen, T. Xie, H. Wu, Y. Ding
Open access
Available online 27 October 2022

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