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What have we learnt from Covid-19 Pandemia? Looking to the future
J.I. de Granda-Orive, M.Á. Martínez-García
Open access
Available online 20 October 2022
Preclinical interstitial lung disease in relatives of familial pulmonary fibrosis patients
S.E.M. Lucas, K. Raspin, J. Mackintosh, I. Glaspole, P.N. Reynolds, C. Chia, C. Grainge, P. Kendall, L. Troy, D.A. Schwartz, R. Wood-Baker, S.L.F. Walsh, Y. Moodley, J. Robertson, S. Macansh, E.H. Walters, D. Chambers, T.J. Corte, J.L. Dickinson
Open access
Available online 8 October 2022
Single breath nitrogen test as predictor of lung function decline and COPD over an 8-year follow-up
F. Pistelli, D.L. Sherrill, F. Di Pede, S. Baldacci, M. Simoni, S. Maio, L. Carrozzi, G. Viegi
Open access
Available online 8 October 2022
Chylothorax as an unusual presentation of Bosutinib therapy toxicity
I. Farinha, J. Gaião Santos, A. Cunha, T. Costa
Open access
Available online 4 October 2022
Transcatheter embolization of pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm secondary to squamous-cell lung cancer
A.R. Gigante, E.M. Tinoco, I. Marques, E. Silva, T. Shiang, T. Pereira
Open access
Available online 29 September 2022
How COVID-19 changed our bronchoscopy procedures: A comparison with the Portuguese Pulmonology Society Recommendations
A. Jniene, A. Rhanim, L. Herrak, L. Achachi, M. El Ftouh
Open access
Available online 28 September 2022
Inspiratory Effort and Respiratory Mechanics in Patients with Acute Exacerbation of Idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis: A Preliminary Matched Control Study
R. Tonelli, I. Castaniere, A. Cortegiani, L. Tabbì, R. Fantini, D. Andrisani, F. Gozzi, A. Moretti, G. Bruzzi, L. Manicardi, C. Cerbone, C. Nani, E. Biagioni, S. Cerri, V. Samarelli, S. Busani, M. Girardis, A. Marchioni, E. Clini
Open access
Available online 28 September 2022
Learning with the COVID-19 pandemic mistakes: Facing the progression of the first cases of Monkeypox in Brazil
M.N. Boschiero, C.V.C. Palamim, F.A.L. Marson
Open access
Available online 28 September 2022
Predictors of lung entrapment in malignant pleural effusion
R. Trovisco, C. Freitas, M. Serino, P. Ferreira, B. Martins, D. Coelho, N. Melo, G. Fernandes, A. Magalhães, H.N. Bastos
Open access
Available online 28 September 2022
How do I wean a patient with acute hypercapnic respiratory failure from noninvasive ventilation?
A. Özsancak U¿urlu, B. Ergan
Open access
Available online 21 September 2022

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