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A qualitative study of patient and carer experiences with home respiratory therapies: Long-term oxygen therapy and home mechanical ventilation
Cátia Caneiras, Cristina Jácome, Emília Moreira, Daniela Oliveira, Cláudia Camila Dias, Liliane Mendonça, Sagrario Mayoralas-Alises, João Almeida Fonseca, Salvador Diaz-Lobato, Joan Escarrabill, João Carlos Winck
Open access
Available online 8 July 2021
The COPD assessment test and the modified Medical Research Council scale are not equivalent when related to the maximal exercise capacity in COPD patients
Roberta Pisi, Marina Aiello, Luigino Calzetta, Annalisa Frizzelli, Panagiota Tzani, Giuseppina Bertorelli, Alfredo Chetta
Open access
Available online 6 July 2021
Tracheostomy decannulation in severe acquired brain injury patients: The role of flexible bronchoscopy
Barbara Lanini, Barbara Binazzi, Isabella Romagnoli, Elisa Chellini, Lucrezia Pianigiani, Ariela Tofani, Raffaele Molino Lova, Lorenzo Corbetta, Francesco Gigliotti
Open access
Available online 3 July 2021
Mepolizumab for severe eosinophilic asthma – A one-year real life Portuguese study
R Brás, M Paulino, C Varandas, C Coutinho, MI Silva, R Limão, C Costa, E Alonso, E Pedro, A Mendes
Open access
Available online 2 July 2021
Comparative bench study evaluation of a modified snorkeling mask used during COVID-19 pandemic and standard interfaces for non-invasive ventilation
Giuliano Ferrone, Giorgia Spinazzola, Roberta Costa, Antonio Gullì, Andrea Scapigliati, Massimo Antonelli, Giorgio Conti
Open access
Available online 1 July 2021
The function of miR-637 in non-small cell lung cancer progression and prognosis
Teng Jia, Qingguang Zhang, Haitao Xu, Hongjian Liu, Xiaojie Gu
Open access
Available online 25 June 2021
Tuberculosis national registries and data on diagnosis delay – Is there room for improvement?
Bárbara Seabra, Raquel Duarte
Open access
Available online 22 June 2021
Impact of self-reported environmental mould exposure on COPD outcomes
Chris Kosmidis, Rola Hashad, Alexander G. Mathioudakis, Thomas McCahery, Malcolm D. Richardson, Jørgen Vestbo
Open access
Available online 13 June 2021
Implementing nitrogen multiple breath washout as a clinical tool – A feasibility study
Carolina Constant, Andreia Descalço, Ana Margarida Silva, Luísa Pereira, Celeste Barreto, Teresa Bandeira
Open access
Available online 5 June 2021
Comparing the cost-effectiveness of two screening strategies for latent tuberculosis infection in Portugal
Sofia Sousa, Diogo Rocha, Joelma C. Silva, Ana Isabel Ribeiro, Guilherme Gonçalves, Álvaro Almeida, Ana Maria Correia, Raquel Duarte, Carlos Carvalho
Open access
Available online 28 May 2021

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