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Pulmonology (previously Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia) is the official journal of the Portuguese Society of Pulmonology (Sociedade Portuguesa de Pneumologia/SPP). The journal publishes 6 issues per year, mainly about respiratory system diseases in adults and clinical research. This work can range from peer-reviewed original articles to review articles, editorials, and opinion articles. The journal is printed in English, and is freely available in its web page as well as in Medline and other databases.

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Vol. 27. Issue 6.
Pages 479-592 (November - December 2021)
High-flow oxygen therapy in palliative care: A reality in a near future?
JC Duarte, O Santos, C Lousada, P Reis-Pina
Pulmonol. 2021;27:479-80
Open access
Functional status in the COVID-19 era: ALERT, ALERT, ALERT!
A. Marques
Pulmonol. 2021;27:481-3
Open access
In memoriam Claudio F. Donner
E. Clini
Pulmonol. 2021;27:484-5
Open access
Original articles
Original articles
Plasmapheresis reduces cytokine and immune cell levels in COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
Seyed MohammadReza Hashemian, Navid Shafigh, Golnaz Afzal, Hamidreza Jamaati, Payam Tabarsi, Majid Marjani, Majid Malekmohammad, Seyed Mehdi Mortazavi, Batoul Khoundabi, Davood Mansouri, Afshin Moniri, Abbas Hajifathali, Elham Roshandel, Esmaeil Mortaz, Ian M Adcock
Pulmonol. 2021;27:486-92
Open access
Open Article
Original articles
Comparing the cost-effectiveness of two screening strategies for latent tuberculosis infection in Portugal
Sofia Sousa, Diogo Rocha, Joelma C. Silva, Ana Isabel Ribeiro, Guilherme Gonçalves, Álvaro Almeida, Ana Maria Correia, Raquel Duarte, Carlos Carvalho
Pulmonol. 2021;27:493-9
Open access
Original articles
Pulmonary rehabilitation
Classification of cardiorespiratory fitness using the six-minute walk test in adults: Comparison with cardiopulmonary exercise testing
V.Z. Dourado, R.K. Nishiaka, M.S.M.P. Simões, V.T. Lauria, S.E. Tanni, I. Godoy, A.R.T. Gagliardi, M. Romiti, R.L. Arantes
Pulmonol. 2021;27:500-8
Open access
Original articles
Home mecanical ventilation
Continuous noninvasive ventilatory support outcomes for patients with neuromuscular disease: a multicenter data collaboration
M.R. Gonçalves, J.R. Bach, Y. Ishikawa, L. Saporito, J.C. Winck
Pulmonol. 2021;27:509-17
Open access
Measures of physical performance in COVID-19 patients: a mapping review
Carla Simonelli, Mara Paneroni, Michele Vitacca, Nicolino Ambrosino
Pulmonol. 2021;27:518-28
Open access
Applicability of lung ultrasound in COVID-19 diagnosis and evaluation of the disease progression: A systematic review
A.O. Peixoto, R.M. Costa, R. Uzun, A.M.A. Fraga, J.D. Ribeiro, F.A.L. Marson
Pulmonol. 2021;27:529-62
Open access
Letters to the editor
Predictors of reduced 6-minute walk distance after COVID-19: a cohort study in Mexico
A.W. Wong, S. López-Romero, E. Figueroa-Hurtado, S. Vazquez-Lopez, K.M. Milne, C.J. Ryerson, J.A. Guenette, A. Cortés-Telles
Pulmonol. 2021;27:563-5
Open access
Open Article
Late-onset Pompe disease (LOPD): May axial myopathy influence respiratory dysfunction?
Sabrina Ravaglia, Nicola Barbarito, Alberto Malovini, Serena Cirio, Anna Pichiecchio, Paola De Filippi, Cesare Danesino, Annalisa Carlucci
Pulmonol. 2021;27:566-8
Open access
Implementing nitrogen multiple breath washout as a clinical tool – A feasibility study
Carolina Constant, Andreia Descalço, Ana Margarida Silva, Luísa Pereira, Celeste Barreto, Teresa Bandeira
Pulmonol. 2021;27:569-71
Open access
Organizing pneumonia associated with optic neuromyelitis: Coincidental occurrence or causal association?
T. Rimpa, S. Katsenos, A. Akrivaki, N. Fakas, K. Psathakis
Pulmonol. 2021;27:572-4
Open access
Rituximab for the treatment of acute onset Interstitial Lung Disease in primary Sjogren's syndrome
Giulia Klinowski, Filippo Gozzi, Fabiana Trentacosti, Dario Andrisani, Marco Sebastiani, Enrico M. Clini
Pulmonol. 2021;27:575-8
Open access
Mepolizumab for severe eosinophilic asthma – A one-year real life Portuguese study
R Brás, M Paulino, C Varandas, C Coutinho, MI Silva, R Limão, C Costa, E Alonso, E Pedro, A Mendes
Pulmonol. 2021;27:579-81
Open access
Encephalitis in non-small-cell lung cancer
M. Costa e Silva, E. Silva, A. Mendes, A. Barroso
Pulmonol. 2021;27:582-3
Open access
Case report
Pulmonary vein stenosis mimicking interstitial lung disease
F. Carriço, C. Gurioli, S. Piciucchi, A. Dubini, S. Tomassetti, V. Poletti
Pulmonol. 2021;27:584-9
Open access
Crustacean renmants as a bronchial foreign body
E. Solís García, B. de Vega Sánchez, C. Disdier Vicente
Pulmonol. 2021;27:590-1
Open access

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