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Pulmonology (previously Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia) is the official journal of the Portuguese Society of Pulmonology (Sociedade Portuguesa de Pneumologia/SPP). The journal publishes 6 issues per year, mainly about respiratory system diseases in adults and clinical research. This work can range from peer-reviewed original articles to review articles, editorials, and opinion articles. The journal is printed in English, and is freely available in its web page as well as in Medline and other databases.

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Vol. 30. Issue 4.
Pages 319-412 (July - August 2024)
Physiotherapists in intensive care units: Where are we?
F. Ramalho, A. Oliveira, A. Machado, V. Azevedo, M.R. Gonçalves, G. Ntoumenopoulos, A. Marques
Pulmonol. 2024;30:319-23
Full text access
Are we overlooking the lung function in the definition of severe asthma remission?
S. Nolasco, R. Campisi, N. Crimi, C. Crimi
Pulmonol. 2024;30:324-6
Full text access
Call of action
Comparison of thoracic surgery training in the Iberian Peninsula: A call for European uniformity
Álvaro Fuentes-Martín, Luís Lourenço Graça
Pulmonol. 2024;30:327-9
Full text access
Original articles
Original articles
Diagnostic role of internal mammary lymph node involvement in tuberculous pleurisy: a multicenter study
G. Levi, C. Rocchetti, F. Mei, G.M. Stella, S. Lettieri, F. Lococo, F. Taccari, C. Seguiti, ... G.P. Marchetti
Pulmonol. 2024;30:330-6
Full text access
Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Portugal: Trends from the last decade
A. Santos, S. Carneiro, A. Silva, J.P. Gomes, R. Macedo
Pulmonol. 2024;30:337-43
Full text access
Original articles
Reproducibility, validity, and reliability of the incremental step test for subjects with moderate to severe asthma
R.C.C. Barbosa, R.A. Silva, A.C. Lunardi, S.T.C. Silva, S.D. Corso, A.J. Fonseca, R. Stelmach, C.R.F. Carvalho
Pulmonol. 2024;30:344-51
Full text access
Original articles
Lung cancer
Predictors of immune-related adverse events and outcomes in patients with NSCLC treated with immune-checkpoint inhibitors
M. Serino, C. Freitas, M. Martins, P. Ferreira, C. Cardoso, F. Veiga, V. Santos, D. Araújo, ... V. Hespanhol
Pulmonol. 2024;30:352-61
Full text access
Original articles
Pulmonary vascular disease
Effect of 5 weeks of oral acetazolamide on patients with pulmonary vascular disease: A randomized, double-blind, cross-over trial
M. Lichtblau, S. Saxer, J. Müller, P. Appenzeller, C. Berlier, S.R. Schneider, L. Mayer, M. Furian, ... S. Ulrich
Pulmonol. 2024;30:362-9
Full text access
Original articles
Occupational diseases
Clinical usefulness of serum angiotensin converting enzyme in silicosis
J. Blanco-Pérez, Á. Salgado-Barreira, S. Blanco-Dorado, M.E. González Bello, A.C. Caldera Díaz, A. Pérez-Gonzalez, A. Pallarés Sanmartín, A. Fernández Villar, F.J. Gonzalez-Barcala
Pulmonol. 2024;30:370-7
Full text access
Issue 2 - “Update on adverse respiratory effects of indoor air pollution” Part 1): Indoor air pollution and respiratory diseases: A general update and a Portuguese perspective
J.C. Rufo, I. Annesi-Maesano, P. Carreiro-Martins, A. Moreira, A.C. Sousa, M.R. Pastorinho, N. Neuparth, L. Taborda-Barata
Pulmonol. 2024;30:378-89
Full text access
Letters to the editor
Use of automatic 6-minute walking test recording system in patients with chronic respiratory diseases
R. Torres-Castro, H. Pascual, A. Alonso, E. Gimeno-Santos, M. Palomo, J.A. Barberà, J. Bigorra, J. Batlle, ... I. Blanco
Pulmonol. 2024;30:390-2
Full text access
Is there any physiological reason to train expiratory muscles in people with mild COPD?
M. Paneroni, M. Vitacca, B. Salvi, C. Simonelli, M. Arici, N. Ambrosino
Pulmonol. 2024;30:393-6
Full text access
Methicilin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus clonal complex 398: An unusual agent of necrotizing pneumonia
C. Nobre, P. Moniz, N.A. Faria
Pulmonol. 2024;30:397-400
Full text access
Association between sputum myeloperoxidase concentration and acute exacerbation of bronchiectasis
B. Yang, H. Lee, H. Yun, C. Seong, E.-G. Kim, J.‑K. Choi
Pulmonol. 2024;30:401-5
Full text access
Regarding the prognostic factors in patients with ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer treated with crizotinib
Limei Hu, Youjun Xie, Hongying Zhao
Pulmonol. 2024;30:406-7
Full text access
Mould exposure and COPD outcomes: Association or causation?
Hiroshi Ito
Pulmonol. 2024;30:408-9
Full text access
Pulmonary embolism recurrence diagnosed by endobronchial ultrasound
A. Bugalho
Pulmonol. 2024;30:410-1
Full text access

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