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Pulmonology (previously Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia) is the official journal of the Portuguese Society of Pulmonology (Sociedade Portuguesa de Pneumologia/SPP). The journal publishes 6 issues per year, mainly about respiratory system diseases in adults and clinical research. This work can range from peer-reviewed original articles to review articles, editorials, and opinion articles. The journal is printed in English, and is freely available in its web page as well as in Medline and other databases.

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Vol. 27. Issue 5.
Pages 383-478 (September - October 2021)

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FeNO testing in severe asthma: A clinical argument or an access constraint?
Pedro Carreiro-Martins, Frederico S. Regateiro, Jorge Ferreira, José Luís Plácido, Rita Gerardo, Cláudia Loureiro
Pulmonol. 2021;27:383-5
Open access
Original articles
Noninvasive ventilatory support in morbid obesity
J.R. Bach, A.W. Kazi, T. Pinto, M.R. Gonçalves
Pulmonol. 2021;27:386-93
Open access
Markers of cardiovascular risk and their reversibility with acute oxygen therapy in Kyrgyz highlanders with high altitude pulmonary hypertension
M. Furian, T.D. Latshang, S.S. Aeschbacher, U. Sheraliev, N.H. Marazhapov, E. Mirrakhimov, S. Ulrich, T.M. Sooronbaev, K.E. Bloch
Pulmonol. 2021;27:394-402
Open access
Special article
Outcome of treatment of MDR-TB or drug-resistant patients treated with bedaquiline and delamanid: Results from a large global cohort
S. Koirala, S. Borisov, E. Danila, A. Mariandyshev, B. Shrestha, N. Lukhele, M. Dalcolmo, S.R. Shakya, S. Miliauskas, L. Kuksa, S. Manga, A. Aleksa, J.T. Denholm, H.B. Khadka, A. Skrahina, S. Diktanas, M. Ferrarese, J. Bruchfeld, A. Koleva, A. Piubello, G.S. Koirala, Z.F. Udwadia, D.J. Palmero, M. Munoz-Torrico, R. GC, G. Gualano, V.I. Grecu, I. Motta, A. Papavasileiou, Y. Li, W. Hoefsloot, H. Kunst, J. Mazza-Stalder, M.-C. Payen, O.W. Akkerman, E. Bernal, V. Manfrin, A. Matteelli, H. Mustafa Hamdan, M. Nieto Marcos, J. Cadiñanos Loidi, J.J. Cebrian Gallardo, R. Duarte, N. Escobar Salinas, R. Gomez Rosso, R. Laniado-Laborín, E. Martínez Robles, S. Quirós Fernandez, A. Rendon, I. Solovic, M. Tadolini, P. Viggiani, E. Belilovski, M.J. Boeree, Q. Cai, E. Davidavičienė, L.D. Forsman, J. De Los Rios, J. Drakšienė, A. Duga, S.E. Elamin, A. Filippov, A. Garcia, I. Gaudiesiute, B. Gavazova, R. Gayoso, V. Gruslys, J. Jonsson, E. Khimova, G. Madonsela, C. Magis-Escurra, V. Marchese, M. Matei, C. Moschos, B. Nakčerienė, L. Nicod, F. Palmieri, A. Pontarelli, A. Šmite, M.B. Souleymane, M. Vescovo, R. Zablockis, D. Zhurkin, J.-W. Alffenaar, J.A. Caminero, L.R. Codecasa, J.-M. García-García, S. Esposito, L. Saderi, A. Spanevello, D. Visca, S. Tiberi, E. Pontali, R. Centis, L. D'Ambrosio, M. van den Boom, G. Sotgiu, G.B. Migliori
Pulmonol. 2021;27:403-12
Open access
Use of Helmet CPAP in COVID-19 – A practical review
H. Amirfarzan, M. Cereda, T.G. Gaulton, K.B. Leissner, A. Cortegiani, R. Schumann, C. Gregoretti
Pulmonol. 2021;27:413-22
Open access
Open Article
The immune response to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 immunopathology – Current perspectives
J.L. Boechat, I. Chora, A. Morais, L. Delgado
Pulmonol. 2021;27:423-37
Open access
Practical considerations for spirometry during the COVID-19 outbreak: Literature review and insights
Claudia Crimi, Pietro Impellizzeri, Raffaele Campisi, Santi Nolasco, Antonio Spanevello, Nunzio Crimi
Pulmonol. 2021;27:438-47
Open access
Open Article
Letters to the editor
Ventilator configuration in children on long term home ventilation during the COVID19 pandemic
I. Esposito, M. Chatwin, G. Accurso, A. Cortegiani, C. Gregoretti, E. Bignamini
Pulmonol. 2021;27:448-52
Open access
Open Article
Functional impairment during post-acute COVID-19 phase: Preliminary finding in 56 patients
E. Zampogna, G.B. Migliori, R. Centis, F. Cherubino, C. Facchetti, D. Feci, G. Palmiotto, P. Pignatti, L. Saderi, G. Sotgiu, A. Spanevello, M. Zappa, D. Visca
Pulmonol. 2021;27:452-5
Open access
Open Article
Non-invasive ventilation through a nasal interface during transoesophageal echocardiogram in a high-risk chronic patient
R.E. Gomes, M.T. Redondo, M.R. Gonçalves
Pulmonol. 2021;27:455-7
Open access
High-flow nasal oxygen in re-expansion pulmonary oedema
A. Fontoura, F.R. Fernandes, M. Oliveira, P. Santos, L.P. Trindade e Silva
Pulmonol. 2021;27:457-9
Open access
Reversed halo sign in radiation induced organizing pneumonia: natural course of the underlying pathophysiology
V. Tzilas, V. Poletti, D. Bouros
Pulmonol. 2021;27:460-4
Open access
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis in a patient with pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
M. Costa e Silva, S. Campainha, C. Souto Moura, I. Marques, S. Neves
Pulmonol. 2021;27:464-6
Open access
Airway stents in malignant central airway obstruction
M. Serino, C. Freitas, S. Saleiro, B. Cabrita, M. Conde, M.G.O. Fernandes, A. Magalhães
Pulmonol. 2021;27:466-9
Open access
Literacy on tuberculosis in paediatric population and their caregivers. The importance of an outpatient tuberculosis centre
Joana Pinho, Vilma Lopes, Isabel Ayres Pereira, Joana Brandão Silva, Maria Adriana Rangel, Isabel Carvalho
Pulmonol. 2021;27:469-71
Open access
T790M-EGFR mutation frequency in advanced NSCLC patients on progression from a previous TKI therapy: results from a Portuguese study
Encarnação Teixeira, António Araújo, Venceslau Hespanhol, Bárbara Parente, Fernando Barata
Pulmonol. 2021;27:472-3
Open access
COVID-19 pneumonia and ROX index: Time to set a new threshold for patients admitted outside the ICU. Authors' reply
M.L. Vega, R. Dongilli, G. Olaizola, N. Colaianni, M.C. Sayat, L. Pisani, M. Romagnoli, G. Spoladore, I. Prediletto, G. Montiel, S. Nava
Pulmonol. 2021;27:475-6
Open access
Foreing body bronchoaspiration in adult: Pharmaceutical blister
Diego Ferrer-Pargada, Francisco Arnaiz de las Revillas, Gerardo Blanco
Pulmonol. 2021;27:477-8
Open access

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