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Point-of-care COVID-19 antigen testing in German emergency rooms – a cost-benefit analysis
R. Diel, A. Nienhaus
Open access
Available online 26 July 2021
Differences in exercise capacity and health-related quality of life according to the body mass index in patients with COPD
Jhonatan Betancourt-Peña, Juan Carlos Ávila-Valencia, Diana Milena Diaz-Vidal, Vicente Benavides-Córdoba
Open access
Available online 21 July 2021
Pulmonary function tests: The patient´s perspective
Marta Carvalho Silva, Inês Ladeira, Ricardo Lima, Miguel Guimarães
Open access
Available online 21 July 2021
The COVID-19 impact on the scientific production on the 25 main death causes according to world region
Felipe Eduardo Valencise, Matheus Negri Boschiero, Camila Vantini Capasso Palamim, Fernando Augusto Lima Marson
Open access
Available online 21 July 2021
Measures of physical performance in COVID-19 patients: a mapping review
Carla Simonelli, Mara Paneroni, Michele Vitacca, Nicolino Ambrosino
Open access
Available online 19 July 2021
Translation, cross-cultural adaptation, reliability, and validity of the Turkish version of the Duke Activity Status Index in patients with pulmonary hypertension
Rustem Mustafaoglu, Rengin Demir, Goksen Kuran Aslan, Umit Yasar Sinan, Melih Zeren, Abdurrahim Yildiz, Mehmet Serdar Kucukoglu
Open access
Available online 18 July 2021
Differences in cerebral oxygenation during exercise in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with and without exertional hypoxemia: does exercise intensity matter?
Konstantina Dipla, Afroditi K. Boutou, Aikaterini Markopoulou, Stavros Papadopoulos, Stella Kritikou, Georgia Pitsiou, Ioannis Stanopoulos, Ioannis Kioumis, Andreas Zafeiridis
Open access
Available online 16 July 2021
Rituximab for the treatment of acute onset Interstitial Lung Disease in primary Sjogren's syndrome
Giulia Klinowski, Filippo Gozzi, Fabiana Trentacosti, Dario Andrisani, Marco Sebastiani, Enrico M. Clini
Open access
Available online 11 July 2021
Late-onset Pompe disease (LOPD): May axial myopathy influence respiratory dysfunction?
Sabrina Ravaglia, Nicola Barbarito, Alberto Malovini, Serena Cirio, Anna Pichiecchio, Paola De Filippi, Cesare Danesino, Annalisa Carlucci
Open access
Available online 10 July 2021
Prevalence of exercise-induced oxygen desaturation after recovery from SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia and use of lung ultrasound to predict need for pulmonary rehabilitation
Annalisa Carlucci, Mara Paneroni, Margherita Carotenuto, Enrica Bertella, Serena Cirio, Alessandra Gandolfo, Carla Simonelli, Matteo Vigna, Cinzia Lastoria, Alberto Malovini, Barbara Fusar Poli, Michele Vitacca
Open access
Available online 9 July 2021

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