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Continuous noninvasive ventilatory support outcomes for patients with neuromuscular disease: a multicenter data collaboration
M.R. Gonçalves, J.R. Bach, Y. Ishikawa, L. Saporito, J.C. Winck
Open access
Available online 15 October 2021
Functional status in the COVID-19 era: ALERT, ALERT, ALERT!
A. Marques
Open access
Available online 10 October 2021
Lung cancer survival and sex-specific patterns in Portugal: A population-based analysis
T. Guerreiro, G. Forjaz, L. Antunes, J. Bastos, A. Mayer, P. Aguiar, A. Araújo, C. Nunes
Open access
Available online 10 October 2021
Can static hyperinflation predict exercise capacity in COPD?
I. Ladeira, P. Oliveira, J. Gomes, R. Lima, M. Guimarães
Open access
Available online 9 October 2021
Distinct TNF-alpha and HLA polymorphisms associate with fibrotic and non-fibrotic subtypes of hypersensitivity pneumonitis
Cláudia Freitas, Bruno Lima, Natália Melo, Patrícia Mota, Hélder Novais-Bastos, Helena Alves, Oksana Sokhatska, Luís Delgado, António Morais
Open access
Available online 9 October 2021
Intra- and interobserver agreement of inspiratory capacity during cardio pulmonary exercise test
D. Mannée, T. Berens, B. van den Borst, H. van Helvoort
Open access
Available online 8 October 2021
ROS-1 TKI for the treatment of concurrent sarcomatoid transformation and acquired ROS-1 F2004C mutation in a lung adenocarcinoma patient
H.-J. Ko, C.-K. Hsu, Y.-C. Yeh, H.-C. Huang
Open access
Available online 8 October 2021
Cycling biologic therapy for severe asthma
S. Hamada, E. Ogino, H. Yasuba
Open access
Available online 7 October 2021
Lung cancer in young patients: natural history, biology and prognosis
I. Oliveira, P. Mota, T. Almodovar
Open access
Available online 6 October 2021
In memoriam Claudio F. Donner
E. Clini
Open access
Available online 29 September 2021

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