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Recurrent pneumonia and severe opportunistic infections in declining immunity and autoimmune manifestations
Federica Zallocco, Alessia Omenetti, Venerino Poletti, Salvatore Cazzato
Open access
Available online 19 July 2022
Evaluation of maximal exercise capacity through the incremental shuttle walking test in lymphangioleiomyomatosis
D. Silva Queiroz, C.C.B. Marques da Silva, A. Franco Amaral, M. Rodrigues Oliveira, J.M. Salge, C.R. Ribeiro Carvalho, B. Guedes Baldi, C.R.F. Carvalho
Open access
Available online 17 July 2022
Biologics and anti-Sars Cov2 vaccination in severe asthma riding the big wave: Unity is strength!
G. Guarnieri, B. Molena, F. Chieco Bianchi, A. Vianello
Open access
Available online 5 July 2022
High efficiency particulate air filters and heat & moisture exchanger filters increase positive end-expiratory pressure in helmet continuous positive airway pressure: A bench-top study
E. Rezoagli, G. Coppola, L. Dezza, A. Galesi, G.P. Gallo, R. Fumagalli, G. Bellani, G. Foti, A. Lucchini
Open access
Available online 5 July 2022
Prevalence of asthma and COPD in a cohort of patients at the follow up after COVID-19 pneumonia
A. Verduri, J. Hewitt, B. Carter, R. Tonelli, E. Clini, B. Beghè
Open access
Available online 5 July 2022
The eye may be the spy of injury related to NIV interface and prone positioning
P. Pierucci, M.L. de Candia, A. Marzullo, F. Mele, F. Introna, C. Agrisani, G. Ingoglia, C. Gregoretti, G.E. Carpagnano
Open access
Available online 5 July 2022
Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) amylase and pepsin levels as potential biomarkers of aspiration pneumonia
T. Suzuki, M. Saitou, Y. Utano, K. Utano, K. Niitsuma
Open access
Available online 16 June 2022
Impact of acute exacerbations of COPD on patients' health status beyond pulmonary function: A scoping review
A. Machado, M. Barusso, J. De Brandt, K. Quadflieg, S. Haesevoets, M. Daenen, M. Thomeer, D. Ruttens, A. Marques, C. Burtin
Open access
Available online 15 June 2022
Infections in lung transplanted patients: A review
M. Dettori, N. Riccardi, D. Canetti, R.M. Antonello, A.F. Piana, A. Palmieri, P. Castiglia, A.A. Azara, M.D. Masia, A. Porcu, G.C. Ginesu, M.L. Cossu, M. Conti, P. Pirina, A. Fois, I. Maida, G. Madeddu, S. Babudieri, L. Saderi, G. Sotgiu
Open access
Available online 15 June 2022
Phenotyping exercise limitation of patients with Interstitial Fibrosing Lung Disease: the importance of exercise hemodynamics
E. Panagiotidou, A. Βoutou, E. Fouka, D. Papakosta, E. Chatzopoulos, E. Sourla, A. Markopoulou, I. Kioumis, I. Stanopoulos, G. Pitsiou
Open access
Available online 12 May 2022

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