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Association between respiratory distress time and invasive mechanical ventilation in COVID-19 patients: A multicentre regional cohort study
S. Busani, I. Coloretti, M. Baciarello, V. Bellini, M. Sarti, E. Biagioni, R. Tonelli, A. Marchioni, E. Clini, G. Guaraldi, C. Mussini, M. Meschiari, T. Tonetti, L. Pisani, S. Nava, E. Bignami, M.V. Ranieri, M. Girardis
Open access
Available online 30 April 2022
Diagnostic and therapeutic approach of central sleep apnea in heart failure – the role of adaptive servo-ventilation. A statement of the Portuguese society of pulmonology and the Portuguese sleep association
S. Correia, S. Sousa, M. Drummond, P. Pinto, R. Staats, D. Brito, N. Lousada, J.S. Cardoso, J. Moita
Open access
Available online 30 April 2022
Genetic variation of six specific SNPs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among Chinese population
J. Jing, D. Xu, Z. Li, J. Wang, J. Dai, F.S. Li
Open access
Available online 30 April 2022
Red cell distribution in critically ill patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
W. Lan, E. Liu, D. Sun, W. Li, J. Zhu, J. Zhou, M. Jin, W. Jiang
Open access
Available online 30 April 2022
The Vacinómetro® initiative: an eleven-year monitorization of influenza vaccination coverage rates among risk groups in Portugal
F. Froes, A. Morais, V. Hespanhol, R. Nogueira, J.S. Carlos, N. Jacinto, M. Martins, C. Gomes, C.R. Cordeiro
Open access
Available online 30 April 2022
Multiple system atrophy: Inspiratory sighs as a key polysomnographic sign to early diagnosis?
J.N. Caldeira, J. Moita, A.C. Brás
Open access
Available online 29 April 2022
No more bullying in medical research
A. Cortegiani, C. Crimi
Open access
Available online 25 April 2022
Predictors of immune-related adverse events and outcomes in patients with NSCLC treated with immune-checkpoint inhibitors
M. Serino, C. Freitas, M. Martins, P. Ferreira, C. Cardoso, F. Veiga, V. Santos, D. Araújo, H. Novais-Bastos, A. Magalhães, H. Queiroga, G. Fernandes, V. Hespanhol
Open access
Available online 10 April 2022
COVID-19 vaccine booster in healthcare workers - reasons for refusing
Rui Cunha, Carlos Ochoa-Leite, Lisa Pires, Manuel Morais, Rui Costa, Luís Rocha
Open access
Available online 27 March 2022
Frequency of alleles and genotypes associated with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in clinical and general populations: Revelations about underdiagnosis
J.M. Hernández-Pérez, R. Ramos-Díaz, C. Vaquerizo-Pollino, J.A. Pérez
Open access
Available online 26 March 2022

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