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Predicting lung nodules malignancy
M. Guerra
Open access
Available online 12 January 2023
Effect of elexacaftor–tezacaftor–ivacaftor modulator on lung structure in cystic fibrosis
Valentina Fainardi, Kaltra Skenderaj, Andrea Ciuni, Susanna Esposito, Nicola Sverzellati, Giovanna Pisi
Open access
Available online 23 December 2022
Impact of systemic inflammatory markers in patients with ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer treated with crizotinib
O.F. Olmez, A. Bilici, P. Gursoy, E. Cubukcu, A. Sakin, T. Korkmaz, I. Cil, B. Cakar, S. Menekse, T. Demir, O. Acikgoz, J. Hamdard
Open access
Available online 22 December 2022
Reliability and validity of the Chester step test in patients with interstitial lung disease
A. Alves, A. Oliveira, P.G. Ferreira, V. Martins, A. Marques
Open access
Available online 4 December 2022
Severe exacerbations and mortality in COPD patients: A retrospective analysis of the database of the Hungarian National Health Insurance Fund
B. Sánta, G. Tomisa, A. Horváth, T. Balázs, L. Németh, G. Gálffy
Open access
Available online 4 December 2022
Test-retest reliability, construct validity and determinants of 6-minute walk test performance in adult patients with asthma
R. Meys, S.M.J. Janssen, F.M.E. Franssen, A.W. Vaes, A.A.F. Stoffels, H.W.H. van Hees, B. van den Borst, P.H. Klijn, C. Burtin, A.J. van 't Hul, M.A. Spruit
Open access
Available online 4 December 2022
Identification by cluster analysis of patients with asthma and nasal symptoms using the MASK-air® mHealth app
J. Bousquet, B. Sousa-Pinto, J.M. Anto, R. Amaral, L. Brussino, G.W. Canonica, A.A. Cruz, B. Gemicioglu, T. Haahtela, M. Kupczyk, V. Kvedariene, D.E. Larenas-Linnemann, R. Louis, N. Pham-Thi, F. Puggioni, F.S. Regateiro, J. Romantowski, J. Sastre, N. Scichilone, L. Taborda-Barata, M.T. Ventura, I. Agache, A. Bedbrook, K.C. Bergmann, S. Bosnic-Anticevich, M. Bonini, L.-P. Boulet, G. Brusselle, R. Buhl, L. Cecchi, D. Charpin, C. Chaves-Loureiro, W. Czarlewski, F. de Blay, P. Devillier, G. Joos, M. Jutel, L. Klimek, P. Kuna, D. Laune, J.L. Pech, M. Makela, M. Morais-Almeida, R. Nadif, M. Niedoszytko, K. Ohta, N.G. Papadopoulos, A. Papi, D.R. Yeverino, N. Roche, A. Sá-Sousa, B. Samolinski, M.H. Shamji, A. Sheikh, C. Suppli Ulrik, O.S. Usmani, A. Valiulis, O. Vandenplas, A. Yorgancioglu, T. Zuberbier, J.A. Fonseca
Open access
Available online 23 November 2022
Ultrasound-guided needle aspiration biopsy of isolated anterior mediastinal masses
M. Viscuso, V. Livi, A. Cancellieri, D. Paioli, D. Magnini, F. Leoncini, L. Richeldi, R. Trisolini
Open access
Available online 11 November 2022
Synonymous mutations in TLR2 and TLR9 genes decrease COPD susceptibility in the Chinese Han population
X. Ding, Q. Lin, J. Zhao, Y. Fu, Y. Zheng, R. Mo, L. Zhang, B. Zhang, J. Chen, T. Xie, H. Wu, Y. Ding
Open access
Available online 27 October 2022
Clinical usefulness of serum angiotensin converting enzyme in silicosis
J. Blanco-Pérez, Á. Salgado-Barreira, S. Blanco-Dorado, M.E. González Bello, A.C. Caldera Díaz, A. Pérez-Gonzalez, A. Pallarés Sanmartín, A. Fernández Villar, F.J. Gonzalez-Barcala
Open access
Available online 23 October 2022

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