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A contribution towards a world without tobacco – The TabacoPed study
A. Gama da Silva, C. Constant, S. Madeira, A.R. Sousa, T. Bandeira
Full text access
Available online 25 September 2023
Chester step test to identify functional impairment in interstitial lung disease
C. Paixão, A. Alves, A.S. Grave, P.G. Ferreira, D. Brooks, A. Marques
Full text access
Available online 25 September 2023
Disease burden, comorbidities and antecedents of chronic cough phenotypes in Australian adults
S. Suresh, J.L. Perret, E.H. Walters, M.J. Abramson, G. Bowatte, C. Lodge, A. Lowe, B. Erbas, ... D.S. Bui
Full text access
Available online 25 September 2023
Main bronchus fistula: An open window to the lung parenchyma
N. Faria, M. Sucena, J. Gomes
Full text access
Available online 7 September 2023
Vaccination in post-tuberculosis lung disease management: A review of the evidence
M.J. Nasiri, D.R. Silva, F. Rommasi, M.M. Zahmatkesh, Z. Tajabadi, F. Khelghati, T. Sarmastzadeh, R. Centis, ... G.B. Migliori
Full text access
Available online 7 September 2023
Adherence to inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting β2-agonists in asthma: A MASK-air study
B. Sousa-Pinto, R. Louis, J.M. Anto, R. Amaral, A. Sá-Sousa, W. Czarlewski, L. Brussino, G.W. Canonica, ... J. Bousquet
Full text access
Available online 4 August 2023
Technological features of smartphone apps for physical activity promotion in patients with COPD: A systematic review
J. Silva, N. Hipólito, P. Machado, S. Flora, J. Cruz
Full text access
Available online 3 July 2023
Silicosis and tuberculosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
P. Jamshidi, B. Danaei, M. Arbabi, B. Mohammadzadeh, F. Khelghati, A. Akbari Aghababa, A. Nayebzade, A.H. Shahidi Bonjar, ... G.B. Migliori
Full text access
Available online 22 June 2023
Early effects of acetazolamide on hemoglobin mass and plasma volume in chronic mountain sickness at 5100 m
B. Champigneulle, E. Stauffer, P. Robach, S. Doutreleau, C.A. Howe, A. Pina, A.A. Salazar-Granara, I. Hancco, ... S. Verges
Full text access
Available online 1 June 2023
Performance of helmet CPAP using different configurations: Turbine-driven ventilators vs Venturi devices
A. Noto, A. Cortegiani, G. Genoese, L. Appendini, C. Gregoretti, A. Carlucci, C. Crimi
Full text access
Available online 28 May 2023

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