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Special content about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Pulmonology

Tuberculosis and its future in the COVID-19 era: The Pulmonology series 2021
G.B. Migliori, S. Tiberi, A.L. García-Basteiro, R. Duarte
Pulmonol. 2021;27:94-6
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Retraction in the era of COVID-19 and its influence on evidence-based medicine: is science in jeopardy?
Matheus Negri Boschiero, Tatiana Aline Carvalho, Fernando Augusto de Lima Marson
Pulmonol. 2021;27:97-106
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Assisted mobilisation in critical patients with COVID-19
M. Polastri, F. Daniele, F. Tagariello
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Available online 10 February 2021
Predictors of intubation in COVID-19 patients treated with out-of-ICU continuous positive airway pressure
N. De Vita, L. Scotti, G. Cammarota, F. Racca, C. Pissaia, C. Maestrone, D. Colombo, C. Olivieri, F. Della Corte, F. Barone-Adesi, P. Navalesi, R. Vaschetto
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Available online 23 January 2021
Challenges for the female health-care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: the need for protection beyond the mask
Claudia Crimi, Annalisa Carlucci
Pulmonol. 2021;27:1-3
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COVID-19 effects on tuberculosis care in Sierra Leone
D. Buonsenso, F. Iodice, J. Sorba Biala, D. Goletti
Pulmonol. 2021;27:67-9
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The “Big Five” Lung Diseases in CoViD-19 Pandemic – a Google Trends analysis
M.T. Barbosa, M. Morais-Almeida, C.S. Sousa, J. Bousquet
Pulmonol. 2021;27:71-2
Open access
Interleukin-6 blockade with tocilizumab in COVID-19: Does it live up to its hype?
C.S. Kow, S.S. Hasan
Pulmonol. 2021;27:86-7
Open access
Open Article
Rationale and evidence on the use of tocilizumab in COVID-19: A systematic review. Authors’ reply
A. Cortegiani, M. Ippolito, S. Einav
Pulmonol. 2021;27:87-8
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Open Article
Wearing masks and the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
Javad Alizargar
Pulmonol. 2021;27:89
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