Journal Information
Vol. 24. Issue 4.
Pages 209-272 (July - August 2018)
Inhale and move, move; again, move!
M. Vitacca
Pulmonol. 2018;24:209-10
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Original articles
Benefits and costs of home pedometer assisted physical activity in patients with COPD. A preliminary randomized controlled trial
K. Widyastuti, D.N. Makhabah, A.Rima Setijadi, Y.S. Sutanto, Suradi, N. Ambrosino
Pulmonol. 2018;24:211-8
Open access
Comparison of lung diffusing capacity in young elite athletes and their counterparts
B. Lazovic, M. Zlatkovic-Svenda, J. Grbovic, B. Milenković, S. Sipetic-Grujicic, I. Kopitovic, V. Zugic
Pulmonol. 2018;24:219-23
Open access
Role of the impulse oscillometry in the evaluation of tracheal stenosis
R. Linhas, F. Lima, D. Coutinho, J. Almeida, S. Neves, A. Oliveira, I. Ladeira, R. Lima, ... M. Guimarães
Pulmonol. 2018;24:224-30
Open access
Pulmonary hypertension: Real-world data from a Portuguese expert referral centre
A. Gomes, C. Cruz, J. Rocha, M. Ricardo, M. Vicente, A. Melo, M. Santos, L. Carvalho, ... A. Reis
Pulmonol. 2018;24:231-40
Open access
Association between oxygenation and ventilation indices with the time on invasive mechanical ventilation in infants
D.A. Camargo Barros Rocha, F.A.L. Marson, C.C.B. Almeida, A.A. Almeida Junior, J.D. Ribeiro
Pulmonol. 2018;24:241-9
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Review article
Clinical and molecular markers in COPD
I. Gonçalves, M.J. Guimarães, M. van Zeller, F. Menezes, J. Moita, P. Simão
Pulmonol. 2018;24:250-9
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Research letters
Moderate influenza vaccine effectiveness in a B mismatch season: Preliminary results from the 2017/2018 season in Portugal
A. Machado, I. Kislaya, B. Nunes, A.P. Rodrigues, R. Guiomar
Pulmonol. 2018;24:260-2
Open access
Home intravenous antibiotic therapy – Preliminary experience of a pulmonology department
L. Meira, L. Mendonça Almeida, A. Luísa Pereira, C. Damas, A. Amorim
Pulmonol. 2018;24:263-4
Open access
Pulmonary aspergillomas management: A 26-years case series of surgical therapy
A.L. Vieira, P. Fernandes, S. Lareiro, M. Guerra, J. Miranda, L. Vouga
Pulmonol. 2018;24:264-6
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Letters to the editor
Neurofibromatosis type I with lung involvement in a cancer patient
A. Casal, N. Rodríguez-Núñez, A. Martínez-Alegría, S. Candamio, J. Álvarez, L. Valdés
Pulmonol. 2018;24:269-71
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