Journal Information
Vol. 21. Issue 2.
Pages 51-108 (March 2015)
Issue in English
What we have done so far and what we can achieve (II)
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:51-2
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Type I diabetes: a new risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea
Geraldo Lorenzi-Filho, Luciano F. Drager
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:53-4
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Artigos originais
Obstructive sleep apnea and diabetes mellitus
Jorge Vale, Paula Manuel, Eurico Oliveira, Ana Rita Oliveira, Eloisa Silva, Vitor Melo, Marta Sousa, João Carlos Alexandre, Isabel Gil, Amparo Sanchez, Edite Nascimento, António Simões Torres
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:55-60
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Validation of a Portuguese version of the STOP-Bang questionnaire as a screening tool for obstructive sleep apnea: Analysis in a sleep clinic
R. Reis, F. Teixeira, V. Martins, L. Sousa, L. Batata, C. Santos, J. Moutinho
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:61-8
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Alternative functional criteria to assess airflow-limitation reversibility in asthma
A. Tavares e Castro, P. Matos, B. Tavares, M.J. Matos, A. Segorbe-Luís
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:69-75
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Inspiratory muscle training with threshold or incentive spirometry: Which is the most effective?
Dulciane Nunes Paiva, Laíse Bender Assmann, Diogo Fanfa Bordin, Ricardo Gass, Renan Trevisan Jost, Mario Bernardo-Filho, Rodrigo Alves França, Dannuey Machado Cardoso
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:76-81
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Série de casos
Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis of the airway: The experience of an endoscopic unit
Silvia Correia, Jorge Dionísio, José Duro da Costa
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:82-9
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Brief communication
Who are the patients with extrapulmonary tuberculosis?
Inês Sanches, Aurora Carvalho, Raquel Duarte
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:90-3
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Artigo especial
The value of cough peak flow measurements in the assessment of extubation or decannulation readiness
J.C. Winck, C. LeBlanc, J.L. Soto, F. Plano
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:94-8
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Letter to the editor
Tuberculosis screening and compliance rate with guidelines among Northern Portuguese Hospitals prescribers of anti-TNF therapy
B.A. Ferreira, S. Ribeiro, J. Meireles, A. Correia, R. Duarte
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:99-101
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Oxygen therapy: a clinical audit in an Internal Medicine Department
S. Nunes, J. Maia, J.P. Ferreira, J. Neves, I. Marques
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:101-3
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Solitary fibrous tumors of the pleura: not always a benign entity
L.M. Nascimento, T. Gomes, A. Fernandes, A. Afonso
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:103-5
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Combined intrapleural therapy in infectious pleural effusion
H. Dabó, L. Meira, I. Neves, A. Marinho, I. Gomes
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:105-6
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In memoriam
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:107-8
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