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Vol. 28. Issue 4.
Pages 243-326 (July - August 2022)

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A call for a national strategy for indoor air quality
J.C. Winck, S.M. Almeida, G. Correia, M.F. Gabriel, G. Marques, M.G. Silva
Pulmonol. 2022;28:245-51
Open access
A Different Wave – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic
Nuno F. Ribeiro, Luís P. Ferreira, Marco A. Duarte
Pulmonol. 2022;28:252-3
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Original articles
Original articles
Interstitial lung diseases
Telomere length across different UIP fibrotic-Interstitial Lung Diseases: a prospective Greek case-control study
I. Tomos, A. Karakatsani, E.D. Manali, C. Kottaridi, A. Spathis, S. Argentos, S.A. Papiris
Pulmonol. 2022;28:254-61
Open access
Original articles
Home care
Portuguese adaptation of the S3-non-invasive ventilation (S3-NIV) questionnaire for home mechanically ventilated patients
C. Ribeiro, S. Conde, P. Oliveira, C. Nogueira, D. Ferreira, D. Adler, W. Windisch, R. Nunes
Pulmonol. 2022;28:262-7
Open access
A qualitative study of patient and carer experiences with home respiratory therapies: Long-term oxygen therapy and home mechanical ventilation
Cátia Caneiras, Cristina Jácome, Emília Moreira, Daniela Oliveira, Cláudia Camila Dias, Liliane Mendonça, Sagrario Mayoralas-Alises, João Almeida Fonseca, ... João Carlos Winck
Pulmonol. 2022;28:268-75
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Original articles
Clinical problems
Recurrence of primary spontaneous pneumothorax: Associated factors
V. Riveiro-Blanco, C. Pou-Álvarez, L. Ferreiro, M.E. Toubes, J. Quiroga-Martínez, J. Suárez-Antelo, J.M. García-Prim, J.E. Rivo-Vázquez, ... L. Valdés
Pulmonol. 2022;28:276-83
Open access
Series on air pollution and respiratory health
Issue 1 - “Update on adverse respiratory effects of outdoor air pollution”. Part 1): Outdoor air pollution and respiratory diseases: A general update and an Italian perspective
S. De Matteis, F. Forastiere, S. Baldacci, S. Maio, S. Tagliaferro, S. Fasola, G. Cilluffo, S. La Grutta, G. Viegi
Pulmonol. 2022;28:284-96
Open access
Tb series 2022
Pulmonary tuberculosis in intensive care setting, with a focus on the use of severity scores, a multinational collaborative systematic review
J. Galvin, S. Tiberi, O. Akkerman, H.A.M. Kerstjens, H. Kunst, X. Kurhasani, N. Ambrosino, G.B. Migliori
Pulmonol. 2022;28:297-309
Open access
Letters to editor
Non-invasive ventilation in post-extubation respiratory failure due to Reinke's edema
M.J. Araújo, A. Esquinas, A. Carrillo
Pulmonol. 2022;28:310-1
Open access
Intermittent versus equivalent constant-load cycle training in COVID-19 patients
M. Vitacca, I. Vogiatzis, B. Salvi, L. Bertacchini, M. Venturelli, M. Paneroni
Pulmonol. 2022;28:312-4
Open access
KIF5B-MET fusion variant in non-small cell lung cancer
M. Costa e Silva, I. Sucena, L. Cirnes, J.C. Machado, S. Campainha, A. Barroso
Pulmonol. 2022;28:315-6
Open access
Pregnancy in Alpha 1 Antitrypsin (AAT) Deficiency and the role of intravenous AAT therapy
G. Guarnieri, A. Achille, S. Lococo, A. Vianello
Pulmonol. 2022;28:317-9
Open access
Advantages and limitations of the ROX index
A. Gallardo, E. Zamarrón-López, E. Deloya-Tomas, O.R. Pérez-Nieto
Pulmonol. 2022;28:320-1
Open access
COVID-19 pneumonia and ROX index: Time to set a new threshold for patients admitted outside the ICU. Author's reply
M.L. Vega, L. Pisani, R. Dongilli, S. Nava
Pulmonol. 2022;28:322-3
Open access
Diffuse idiopathic pulmonary neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia: A rare and under-diagnosed condition
D. Herrán de la Gala, A.K. Calapaquí Terán, M.E. Peña Gómez
Pulmonol. 2022;28:324-5
Open access

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