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Vol. 29. Issue 4.
Pages 271-352 (July - August 2023)
Antisynthetase syndrome with predominant lung involvement. An easy to miss diagnosis
V. Tzilas, J.H. Ryu, P.P. Sfikakis, A. Tzouvelekis, D. Bouros
Pulmonol. 2023;29:271-2
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Biologics and anti-Sars Cov2 vaccination in severe asthma riding the big wave: Unity is strength!
G. Guarnieri, B. Molena, F. Chieco Bianchi, A. Vianello
Pulmonol. 2023;29:273-5
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Original articles
Original articles
Development and validation of a prognostic index (BODEXS90) for mortality in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
R. Golpe, C. Esteban, J.M. Figueira-Gon..alves, C.A. Amado-Diago, N. Blanco-Cid, A. Aramburu, I. Garc.ía-Talavera, M. Cristeto, M. Acosta-Sorensen
Pulmonol. 2023;29:276-83
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Severe exacerbations and mortality in COPD patients: A retrospective analysis of the database of the Hungarian National Health Insurance Fund
B. Sánta, G. Tomisa, A. Horváth, T. Balázs, L. Németh, G. Gálffy
Pulmonol. 2023;29:284-91
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Original articles
Identification by cluster analysis of patients with asthma and nasal symptoms using the MASK-air® mHealth app
J. Bousquet, B. Sousa-Pinto, J.M. Anto, R. Amaral, L. Brussino, G.W. Canonica, A.A. Cruz, B. Gemicioglu, T. Haahtela, M. Kupczyk, V. Kvedariene, D.E. Larenas-Linnemann, R. Louis, N. Pham-Thi, F. Puggioni, F.S. Regateiro, J. Romantowski, J. Sastre, N. Scichilone, L. Taborda-Barata, M.T. Ventura, I. Agache, A. Bedbrook, K.C. Bergmann, S. Bosnic-Anticevich, M. Bonini, L.-P. Boulet, G. Brusselle, R. Buhl, L. Cecchi, D. Charpin, C. Chaves-Loureiro, W. Czarlewski, F. de Blay, P. Devillier, G. Joos, M. Jutel, L. Klimek, P. Kuna, D. Laune, J.L. Pech, M. Makela, M. Morais-Almeida, R. Nadif, M. Niedoszytko, K. Ohta, N.G. Papadopoulos, A. Papi, D.R. Yeverino, N. Roche, A. Sá-Sousa, B. Samolinski, M.H. Shamji, A. Sheikh, C. Suppli Ulrik, O.S. Usmani, A. Valiulis, O. Vandenplas, A. Yorgancioglu, T. Zuberbier, J.A. Fonseca
Pulmonol. 2023;29:292-305
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Original articles
Pulmonary rehabilitation
Prescribing and adjusting exercise training in chronic respiratory diseases – Expert-based practical recommendations
R. Gloeckl, R.H. Zwick, U. Fürlinger, I. Jarosch, T. Schneeberger, D. Leitl, A.R. Koczulla, K. Vonbank, C. Alexiou, I. Vogiatzis, M.A. Spruit
Pulmonol. 2023;29:306-14
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Original articles
Utility of solar-powered oxygen delivery in a resource-constrained setting
N. Conradi, K. Masumbuko Claude, B.E. Lee, A. Saleh, P. Mandhane, M. Hawkes
Pulmonol. 2023;29:315-22
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The misunderstood link between SARS-CoV-2 and angiogenesis. A narrative review
G. Madureira, R. Soares
Pulmonol. 2023;29:323-31
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Letters to editors
Effectiveness of a remote simulation training in mechanical ventilation among trainees
M. Ippolito, B. Simone, S. Safadi, E. Spinuzza, T. Catania, G. Ingoglia, M. Milazzo, S.M. Raineri, A. Giarratano, C. Gregoretti, A. Cortegiani
Pulmonol. 2023;29:332-4
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Use of the Borg dyspnea scale to identify dynamic hyperinflation during the 6-minute walking test in individuals with moderate-severe COPD: A pilot study
A.P.V.M. de Freitas, L.F. Belo, L. Martinez, N.A. Hernandes, F. Pitta
Pulmonol. 2023;29:335-7
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Changes in exercise endurance and inspiratory capacity after lumacaftor/ivacaftor therapy in cystic fibrosis
D. Savi, A. Gramegna, M. Vicenzi, M. Di Paolo, B. Messore, P. Palange, F. Blasi
Pulmonol. 2023;29:338-41
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Results of surgery versus stereotactic body radiotherapy for lung cancer
R. Costa, F. Aires, D. Rodrigues, A. Paiva, J. Maciel, P. Fernandes
Pulmonol. 2023;29:342-4
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Chylothorax as an unusual presentation of Bosutinib therapy toxicity
I. Farinha, J. Gaião Santos, A. Cunha, T. Costa
Pulmonol. 2023;29:345-6
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Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a differential diagnosis of cystic lung diseases
E.M. Tinoco, G. Bermudo, V. Vicens-Zygmunt, P. Luburich, R. Llatjós, M. Molina-Molina
Pulmonol. 2023;29:347-9
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Predicting lung nodules malignancy
M. Guerra
Pulmonol. 2023;29:350
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Images: Secondary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis in brucellosis
L. Yan, Z. Wang, J. Zhao, J. Liu
Pulmonol. 2023;29:351-2
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