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Vol. 26. Issue 4.
Pages 181-256 (July - August 2020)

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Implementation of European Alpha-1 Research Collaboration (EARCO) in Portugal: the future starts now
M. Sucena, J. Gomes, C. Guimarães, M. Miravitlles
Pulmonol. 2020;26:181-3
Open access
Helmet continuous positive airway pressure and prone positioning: A proposal for an early management of COVID-19 patients
F. Longhini, A. Bruni, E. Garofalo, P. Navalesi, G. Grasselli, R. Cosentini, G. Foti, A. Mattei, ... C. Gregoretti
Pulmonol. 2020;26:186-91
Open access
Original articles
Original articles
Pulmonary embolism
The combined use of end-tidal carbon dioxide and alveolar dead space fraction values in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism
Ziba Songur Yücel, Nalan Metin aksu, Meltem Akkaş
Pulmonol. 2020;26:192-7
Open access
Original articles
Lung function
Obtaining spirometric reference values when height is not available – comparison of alternative anthropometric measures
N. China, D. Vaz, C. Martins, J. Gomes, I. Ladeira, R. Lima, M. Guimarães
Pulmonol. 2020;26:198-203
Open access
Medical masks and Respirators for the Protection of Healthcare Workers from SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses
Mariachiara Ippolito, Filippo Vitale, Giuseppe Accurso, Pasquale Iozzo, Cesare Gregoretti, Antonino Giarratano, Andrea Cortegiani
Pulmonol. 2020;26:204-12
Open access
Telemonitoring systems for respiratory patients: technological aspects
Alessandra Angelucci, Andrea Aliverti
Pulmonol. 2020;26:221-32
Open access
Brief communication
Tuberculosis, COVID-19 and migrants: Preliminary analysis of deaths occurring in 69 patients from two cohorts
I. Motta, R. Centis, L. D’Ambrosio, J.-M. García-García, D. Goletti, G. Gualano, F. Lipani, F. Palmieri, ... G.B. Migliori
Pulmonol. 2020;26:233-40
Open access
Letters to the editor
COVID-19 in Brazil
F.A.L. Marson, M.M. Ortega
Pulmonol. 2020;26:241-4
Open access
Covid-19: Round and oval areas of ground-glass opacity
W. Schmitt, E. Marchiori
Pulmonol. 2020;26:246-7
Open access
Severe rifampicin-induced thrombocytopenia in a patient with miliary tuberculosis
J. Maurício, B. Flor-de-Lima, P. Pacheco
Pulmonol. 2020;26:247-9
Open access
The effect of alcohol consumption in the treatment of nontuberculous mycobacteria
Maria Jacob, Ricardo Silva, Rita Gaio, Raquel Duarte
Pulmonol. 2020;26:249-52
Open access
Immunotherapy rechallenge in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer
S. España, I. Guasch, E. Carcereny
Pulmonol. 2020;26:252-4
Open access
An uncommon cause of dyspnea in a 64-year-old woman
V. Guevara Velázquez, S. Jodra Sánchez, M.A. Hernández-Mezquita, M. López Zubizarreta, J.M. González Ruiz, M. Barrueco Ferrero
Pulmonol. 2020;26:254-6
Open access

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