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Vol. 26. Issue 3.
Pages 117-180 (May - June 2020)

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The COVID-19 outbreak: From “black swan” to global challenges and opportunities
Stefano Mazzoleni, Giuseppe Turchetti, Nicolino Ambrosino
Pulmonol. 2020;26:117-8
Open access
Defining the prevalence of chronic critical illness
M. Polastri, V. Comellini, L. Pisani
Pulmonol. 2020;26:119-20
Open access
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis: Need for a better diagnostic evaluation
Claudia Ravaglia
Pulmonol. 2020;26:121-2
Open access
Original articles
Original articles
Pneumonia mortality, comorbidities matter?
Venceslau Hespanhol, Cristina Bárbara
Pulmonol. 2020;26:123-9
Open access
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis: Main features characterization in a Portuguese cohort
V. Santos, N. Martins, C. Sousa, M. Jacob, E. Padrão, N. Melo, P. Caetano Mota, H.N. Bastos, S. Guimarães, C. Souto Moura, O. Sokhatska, R. Cunha, J. Pereira, A. Morais
Pulmonol. 2020;26:130-7
Open access
Original articles
Cystic fibrosis
A negative screening of rare genetic variants in the ADIPOQ and STATH genes in cystic fibrosis
C.A.A.C. Coutinho, F.A.L. Marson, J.D. Ribeiro, C.S. Bertuzzo
Pulmonol. 2020;26:138-44
Open access
Original articles
Can environmental determinants explain Nontuberculous Mycobacteria geographic incidence?
Diogo Rocha, Óscar Felgueiras, Raquel Duarte
Pulmonol. 2020;26:145-50
Open access
Original articles
Critical care
Prevalence and development of chronic critical illness in acute patients admitted to a respiratory intensive care setting
A. Marchioni, R. Tonelli, A. Sdanganelli, F. Gozzi, L. Musarò, R. Fantini, L. Tabbì, A. Andreani, G. Cappiello, S. Costi, I. Castaniere, E. Clini
Pulmonol. 2020;26:151-8
Open access
Review article
Physiological rationale of commonly used clinical exercise tests
Luis Puente-Maestu
Pulmonol. 2020;26:159-65
Open access
Letters to the editor
Novel complications of the tunnelled indwelling pleural catheter
M. Tamburrini, U. Desai, U. Zuccon
Pulmonol. 2020;26:166-8
Open access
Balance impairment in chronic respiratory patients
Marcos Oliveira, João Costa, Rebeca Natal, Sofia Ferreira, Margarida Maurício, Luís Vaz Rodrigues
Pulmonol. 2020;26:169-72
Open access
Lung transplant complicated with unexpected neoplasm in explanted lungs: A difficult challenge to manage
S.C. Silva, N. Murinello, S. Alfarroba, A.S. Santos, P. Calvinho, L. Semedo
Pulmonol. 2020;26:172-4
Open access
Risky diving
C. Cascais-Costa, G. Teixeira, L. Andrade
Pulmonol. 2020;26:174-6
Open access
Community-acquired Klebsiella pneumoniae liver abscess: a case complicated by metastatic lung abscesses
Maria Inês Matias, Daniela Soares Santos, Maria Teresa Dias, Patrícia Carvalho, Arsénio Santos, Rui M. Santos
Pulmonol. 2020;26:176-8
Open access
rs1573858 GATA-2 homozygote variant associated with pulmonary alveolar proteinosis, cytopenia and neurologic dysfunction
N. China, C. Gurioli, S. Maitan, V. Poletti
Pulmonol. 2020;26:178-80
Open access

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