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Vol. 28. Issue 6.
Pages 419-494 (November - December 2022)

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Vaccinations: What's best?
F. Blasi, S. Aliberti
Pulmonol. 2022;28:419-20
Open access
COVID-19 pandemic and tuberculosis: How to ensure adequate care in pediatric age
M. Barros, J.B. Silva, M. Sousa, L. Barbosa, I. Carvalho
Pulmonol. 2022;28:421-2
Open access
Original articles
Original articles
The Vacinómetro® initiative: an eleven-year monitorization of influenza vaccination coverage rates among risk groups in Portugal
F. Froes, A. Morais, V. Hespanhol, R. Nogueira, J.S. Carlos, N. Jacinto, M. Martins, C. Gomes, C.R. Cordeiro
Pulmonol. 2022;28:427-30
Open access
Original articles
COPD: How can evidence from randomised controlled trials apply to patients treated in everyday clinical practice?
Ant..nio, Pedro Teixeira, Venceslau Hespanhol, Jaime Correia-de-Sousa
Pulmonol. 2022;28:431-9
Open access
Original articles
Diagnostic accuracy of TB-LAMP assay in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis...a case-control study in northern India
R. Yadav, P. Daroch, P. Gupta, P. Agarwal, A.N. Aggarwal, S. Sethi
Pulmonol. 2022;28:449-53
Open access
Original articles
Lung cancer
Predicting lung nodules malignancy
M. Jacob, J. Romano, D., J.M. Pereira, I. Ramos, V. Hespanhol
Pulmonol. 2022;28:454-60
Open access
Bronchoscopic sampling techniques in the era of technological bronchoscopy
M. Mondoni, R.F. Rinaldo, P. Carlucci, S. Terraneo, L. Saderi, S. Centanni, G. Sotgiu
Pulmonol. 2022;28:461-71
Open access
Letters to the editor
Clinical and radiological improvement of protracted COVID-19 and Good syndrome secondary to advanced thymoma
M. Tenorio Cerezoli, J.A. Gonçalves Garreta Prats, A. Kreling Medeiros, D.V. Gonçalves Santana, F. Marques da Costa, U.S. Torres, W.N. William Jr.
Pulmonol. 2022;28:472-5
Open access
COVID-19 vaccine booster in healthcare workers - reasons for refusing
R. Cunha, C. Ochoa-Leite, L. Pires, M. Morais, R. Costa, L. Rocha
Pulmonol. 2022;28:476-7
Open access
Laboratory activity testing the lung function during 16 months of the Covid-19 pandemic
M. Vitacca, B. Salvi, G. Steinhilber, M. Mineni, L. Comini, M. Paneroni
Pulmonol. 2022;28:478-80
Open access
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on in-hospital diagnosis of tuberculosis in non-HIV patients
M. Martins, L. Carvalho, T. Carvalho, I. Gomes
Pulmonol. 2022;28:481-3
Open access
The unfriendly side of “happy hypoxaemia”: Sudden cardiac death
C.M.C. Serbanescu-Kele Apor de Zalán, R.P. Banwarie, K.D. Banwari, B.A. Panka
Pulmonol. 2022;28:484-6
Open access
Multiple system atrophy: Inspiratory sighs as a key polysomnographic sign to early diagnosis?
J.N. Caldeira, J. Moita, A.C. Brás
Pulmonol. 2022;28:487-8
Open access
High-flow oxygen therapy in palliative care: A reality in a near future?
M. Carqueijó
Pulmonol. 2022;28:489
Open access
Late onset pulmonary vein stump thrombus seven years after left upper lobectomy
L. Gorospe, O. Ajuria-Illarramendi, G.M. Muñoz-Molina, R.M. Mirambeaux-Villalona
Pulmonol. 2022;28:490-1
Open access
Spontaneous elimination of a bronchial mucoid pseudotumor – A curious but pleasant surprise
P.P. Teixeira e Silva Torres, M. Fouad Rabahi, E. Marchiori
Pulmonol. 2022;28:492-3
Open access

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