Journal Information
Vol. 25. Issue 3.
Pages 131-198 (May - June 2019)
Breathe, breathe in the air, don’t be afraid to care
P. Pamplona, S. Ravara, J.P. Boléo-Tomé, P. Rosa, A. Morais
Pulmonol. 2019;25:131-3
Open access
Original articles
Combination of oximetry and sleep questionnaires as screening tools for CPAP initiation in patients with obstructive sleep apnea
A. Pataka, G. Kalamaras, E. Vlachogianni, P. Argyropoulou
Pulmonol. 2019;25:137-42
Open access
Krebs von den Lungen-6 associated with chest high-resolution CT score in evaluation severity of patients with interstitial lung disease
H. Qin, X.P. Xu, J. Zou, X.J. Zhao, H.W. Wu, Q.F. Zha, S. Chen, Y. Kang, H.D. Jiang
Pulmonol. 2019;25:143-8
Open access
Pirfenidone and Nintedanib in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: Real-life experience in an Italian referral centre
E. Bargagli, C. Piccioli, E. Rosi, E. Torricelli, L. Turi, E. Piccioli, M. Pistolesi, K. Ferrari, L. Voltolini
Pulmonol. 2019;25:149-53
Open access
Trends in hospitalization for acute bronchiolitis in Portugal: 2000–2015
A. Mendes-da-Silva, M. Gonçalves-Pinho, A. Freitas, I. Azevedo
Pulmonol. 2019;25:154-61
Open access
Portuguese in vitro antibiotic susceptibilities favor current nontuberculous mycobacteria treatment guidelines
Vera Durão, Anabela Silva, Rita Macedo, Paulo Durão, André Santos-Silva, Raquel Duarte
Pulmonol. 2019;25:162-7
Open access
Review article
COPD and Cardiovascular Disease
S. André, B. Conde, E. Fragoso, J.P. Boléo-Tomé, V. Areias, J. Cardoso
Pulmonol. 2019;25:168-76
Open access
Research letters
Does practice follow evidence-based guidelines? Adherence to GOLD guidelines in Portugal
C. Rodrigues, T. Alfaro, L. Fernandes, P. Ferreira, S. Silva, J.C. Costa, V. Fernandes, E. Seixas, R. Viana
Pulmonol. 2019;25:177-9
Open access
Long-term tracheostomy ventilation in Portugal: Survey based on home care providers
Joao Carlos Winck
Pulmonol. 2019;25:180
Open access
Inflammatory prognostic biomarkers in advanced non-small cell lung cancer
D. Machado, C. Marques, M. Dias, S. Campainha, A. Barroso
Pulmonol. 2019;25:181-3
Open access
Immunotherapy in Allergic Asthma – 5 year analysis: Is it a curative approach?
J. Coutinho Costa, J.N. Machado, C. Ferreira, J.M.R. Gama, T. Almeida, A.M. Arrobas
Pulmonol. 2019;25:183-5
Open access
Mapping Portuguese Research on Respiratory Diseases in Primary Care: A systematic review
B. Malheiro, P.M. Teixeira, L. Alves, J. Yaphe, J. Correia de Sousa
Pulmonol. 2019;25:186-90
Open access
Factors associated with loss to follow-up in Tuberculosis treatment in the Huambo Province, Angola
E. Santos, Ó. Felgueiras, O. Oliveira, R. Duarte
Pulmonol. 2019;25:190-2
Open access
Letters to the editor
Corticosteroid therapy for organizing pneumonia in a human T-cell lymphotropic virus type-1 carrier
M. Taniwaki, M. Yamasaki, Y. Matsumoto, N. Matsumoto, N. Ohashi, N. Hattori
Pulmonol. 2019;25:193-5
Open access
Chylothorax as a debut form of Gorham-Stout disease
Lucía Ferreiro, Juan Suárez-Antelo, Carlos Rábade, Ihab Abdulkader, Anaberta Bermúdez-Naveira, Adriana Fernández-García, Luis Valdés
Pulmonol. 2019;25:195-7
Open access

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