Journal Information
Vol. 26. Issue 1.
Pages 1-60 (January - February 2020)
A role of antifibrotics in the treatment of Scleroderma-ILD?
Katerina M. Antoniou, Athina Trachalaki, Argyris Tzouvelekis, Venerino Poletti, Eirini Vasarmidi, Petros Sfikakis, Demosthenes Bouros
Pulmonol. 2020;26:1-2
Open access
Original articles
Original articles
Interstitial lung diseases
Comparative survival analysis between idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis
Maria Laura Alberti, Jose María Malet Ruiz, Martin Eduardo Fernández, Leandro Fassola, Fabián Caro, Ivette Buendía Roldán, Francisco Paulin
Pulmonol. 2020;26:3-9
Open access
Original articles
Real-world data from the Portuguese Nivolumab Expanded Access Program (EAP) in previously treated Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
A. Figueiredo, M.A. Almeida, M.T. Almodovar, P. Alves, A. Araújo, D. Araújo, F. Barata, L. Barradas, A. Barroso, U. Brito, E. Camacho, D. Canário, T. Cardoso, A. Chaves, L. Costa, J. Cunha, J. Duarte, F. Estevinho, M. Felizardo, J.P. Fernandes, L. Ferreira, P. Fidalgo, C. Freitas, P. Garrido, N. Gil, D. Hasmucrai, E. Jesus, J.A. Lopes, J.E. de Macedo, A. Meleiro, R. Neveda, F. Nogueira, M. Pantorotto, B. Parente, A. Pego, M. Rocha, J. Roque, C. Santos, J. Saraiva, E. Silva, S. Silva, S. Simões, M. Soares, E. Teixeira, T. Timóteo, V. Hespanhol
Pulmonol. 2020;26:10-7
Open access
Original articles
LncRNA-CASC7 enhances corticosteroid sensitivity via inhibiting the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway by targeting miR-21 in severe asthma
Jian-Hua Liu, Chen Li, Chang-Hong Zhang, Zhi-Hua Zhang
Pulmonol. 2020;26:18-26
Open access
Original articles
Novelties in imaging in pulmonary fibrosis and nodules. A narrative review
S. Ley, J. Ley-Zaporozhan
Pulmonol. 2020;26:39-44
Open access
Brief communication
Does timing of initiation influence acceptance and adherence to NIV in patients with ALS?
M. Vitacca, P. Banfi, A. Montini, M. Paneroni
Pulmonol. 2020;26:45-8
Open access
Letters to editor
Long duration of immunotherapy in a STK11 mutated/KRAS wild-type non-small cell lung cancer patient
I. Domingues, S. Cedres, A. Callejo, A. Vivancos, A. Martinez-Marti, E. Felip
Pulmonol. 2020;26:49-50
Open access
Mutational profile of non-small cell lung cancer patients: Use of next-generation sequencing
D. Reis, C. Marques, M. Dias, S. Campainha, L. Cirnes, A. Barroso
Pulmonol. 2020;26:50-3
Open access
Long-life relationships always bring trouble
A.M. Mutiozabal, M.D. Santiañez, J.I. De Granda Orive
Pulmonol. 2020;26:53-4
Open access
Practice of spirometry among physicians caring for children with asthma in Portugal – The EspiroPed survey
C. Constant, J. Cosme, R.M. Fernandes, P. Fonte, J.A. Fonseca, C. Alves, T. Bandeira
Pulmonol. 2020;26:54-6
Open access
Embracing digital technology in chronic respiratory care: Surveying patients access and confidence
C. Jácome, F. Marques, C. Paixão, P. Rebelo, A. Oliveira, J. Cruz, C. Freitas, M. Rua, H. Loureiro, C. Peguinho, A. Simões, M. Santos, C. Valente, P. Simão, A. Marques
Pulmonol. 2020;26:56-9
Open access

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