Journal Information
Vol. 25. Issue 1.
Pages 1-64 (January - February 2019)
António Morais
Pulmonol. 2019;25:1-2
Open access
Original articles
The cancer registry as an ally in monitoring treatment effectiveness
F.A. Costa, C. Ramos, R. Murteira, T. Almodovar, J.L. Passos-Coelho, M.I. Carvalho, L. Costa, M.J. Brito, S. Ramos, M. Ferreira, A.C. Miranda
Pulmonol. 2019;25:3-8
Open access
Effectiveness and safety of local anesthetic, semi-flexible pleuroscopy – experience from a peripheral hospital
L.V. Rodrigues, G. Samouco, R. Gomes, C. Santos, L. Ferreira
Pulmonol. 2019;25:9-14
Open access
Severe asthma in obese patients: Improvement of lung function after treatment with omalizumab
M.J. Oliveira, M. Vieira, D. Coutinho, I. Ladeira, I. Pascoal, J. Ferreira, J.M. da Silva, A. Carvalho, R. Lima
Pulmonol. 2019;25:15-20
Open access
Correlation between parameters of volumetric capnography and spirometry during a submaximal exercise protocol on a treadmill in patients with cystic fibrosis and healthy controls
P.L.F. Parazzi, F.A.L. Marson, M.A.G.O. Ribeiro, C.I.S. Schivinski, J.D. Ribeiro
Pulmonol. 2019;25:21-31
Open access
Immigrants’ access to health care: Problems identified in a high-risk tuberculosis population
R. Linhas, O. Oliveira, P. Meireles, P. Oliveira, M.B. de Melo, J. Lourenço, F. Ferreira, R. Gaio, R. Duarte
Pulmonol. 2019;25:32-9
Open access
Review article
Elderly patients with advanced NSCLC: The value of geriatric evaluation and the feasibility of CGA alternatives in predicting chemotherapy toxicity
T. Almodovar, E. Teixeira, A. Barroso, M. Soares, H.J. Queiroga, J. Cavaco-Silva, F. Barata
Pulmonol. 2019;25:40-50
Open access
Research letters
Current utilization of pleuroscopy in mainland Portugal
L.V. Rodrigues, R. Gomes, G. Samouco, F. Guedes, L. Ferreira
Pulmonol. 2019;25:51-3
Open access
Teaching inhalation technique in COPD outpatients: Can a sustained improvement be achieved?
A. Duarte-de-Araújo, P. Teixeira, V. Hespanhol, J. Correia-de-Sousa
Pulmonol. 2019;25:53-5
Open access
Should tobacco interventions be different in men and women?
J. Ignacio de Granda-Orive, J.F. Pascual-Lledó, S. Asensio-Sánchez, S. Solano-Reina, M. García-Rueda, M.Á. Martínez-Muñiz, L. Lázaro-Asegurado, D. Bujulbasichg, R. Pendino, S. Luhning, I. Cienfuegos-Agustín, C.A. Jiménez-Ruiz
Pulmonol. 2019;25:55-8
Open access
Pleural effusion negatively impacts survival of patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis
S. Hamada, T. Sano, Y. Nagatani, M. Tsukino
Pulmonol. 2019;25:58-60
Open access
Cystic fibrosis – How we reach adult life
I. Serras, J.A. Oliveira, L. Pereira, C. Barreto
Pulmonol. 2019;25:60-1
Open access
Letters to the editor
Follicular bronchiolitis, a frequently misdiagnosed condition
A.C. Duarte, A. Cordeiro, J. Soares, P. Gonçalves
Pulmonol. 2019;25:62-4
Open access

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